2017 Stuart Air Show

07 Nov 2017 10:14 | Steve Sprayberry (Administrator)

2017 Stuart Air Show

The 2017 Stuart Air Show went into the history books as a remarkable event for many reasons!

First, an antenna tower that relocated itself overnight, and then later refused to go up and ate a bunch of coax and rotor cable for breakfast.  Once repaired, however, the pileups on 20 meters just wouldn't quit!

If you have never watched an aviation fuel tanker being pulled out of the mud by a tank, complete with a wary and watchful 50-cal turret gunner, you have missed something!

On Sunday, a typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm transformed our small tent into a refuge for a half a dozen unexpected guests, which were forced to learn Morse code, or be evicted!

None of it would have have happened without your help!  Well done, to all those who participated!

Stars and Stripes K4GMW with WG8V and KM4RTQN4LCS Knitting ClassKI4JXV and KK4WCCKV4MS, WW4RX and KN4GPP


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