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Mailing list subscription is open to all- you don't need to join the club to be on the members list

You may also download these instructions in a PDF file.

Dear MCARA members,

We have recently changed hosting providers and with the new service comes the ability to have a members list for announcements. The subscription process for the new mail list should ease the administrative burden and offer greater flexibility to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list; most of all, the new process will eliminate the need for a designated human manager for list membership.

Why you should subscribe:

As a group, we should have a facility to easily notify all members of an event or other items of interest. Please be assured we will not abuse the privilege of sending you email. We simply wish to use this as a way to avoid another member having to make dozens or more phone calls when a simple notice should suffice. This is also a way we can minimize or postal expenses as a group without the need to rely on postal mail. As you know, the email list is also much faster.

To avoid having too many announcements to the general members list, we may separate lists for things such as announcements, hamfest,
Field Day, and other club events. The list of mailing lists will be discussed at a future meeting, but at a minimum, all members with email access should join the members email list.

How to subscribe to the members list:

Send an email to with the subject as subscribe and the single word "subscribe" without quotes in the body.
You should receive a confirmation email shortly; if you do not receive this in 5-10 minutes, check your spam filter and adjust as needed.
Reply to the email (instructions are in the email itself); once this is done you are subscribed to the list.

How to UNsubscribe from the members list:

Send an email to with the subject as unsubscribe and the single word "unsubscribe" without quotes in the body.
Your email FROM address should be the email address which is subscribed to the list or the command can not function.

How to change your subscribed to email address on the list:

Follow the Unsubscribe procedure above.
Subscribe your new address using the above procedure.
Contacts for Members List

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