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Jamboree On The Air- Girls and Boys are invited to join worldwide. This is GB2GP in the UK.
These young ladies are at the GB2GP special event station for the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) in the United Kingdom. Credit http://www.gb2gp.org.uk

What is Ham Radio?

KJ4UBL, Chris Tate explains in this short recording (courtesy ARRL):

Get your FCC License

Local Classes

Martin County ARES and MCARA jointly conduct periodic classes- contact us and let us know you are interested in attending a class or Upgrading your present license and we will let you know when the next local class is scheduled. 
  • Do I need to learn Morse code? No- Amateur radio licensing no longer requires Morse code testing- though it remains a popular "mode" of communicating among hams.
  • How much do the classes cost? Our local classes are always free of cost- save the cost of sitting for the test and the cost of purchasing a study guide. Those are both passed through at our cost. 
  • How long are the classes? Club sponsored classes for the Technician class license are typically 8 weeks of sessions- with the testing on the last session- around 14 hours of classroom instruction. General and Extra class licensing take about the same time to conduct. Self study allows the option of shorter path to a license- but the classes tend to help you apply what you learn and become a better operator overall. 

Self Study

You may always choose self study and contact our club to arrange a date to sit for your FCC licensing exam. You may choose from free study resources and paid resources- and use the online practice tests to improve your confidence prior to sitting for the exam. 

Free Study Resources

Paid Study Resources

Just For Kids 

Ham Radio Comic Books
  • Amateur Radio Comic Books from ICOM - The Adventures of Zack and Mak comprise seven issues available as PDF and coloring book outlined versions. 
  • Kids in Amateur Radio Net- a place for kids to "check-in" on a net either via e-mail or via reflector on radioreference website.
  • Youth in Amateur Radio Podcasts
  • Web Pages from the Winnbrook School, Belmont, MA Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ham Radio, Let's Get acquainted with Amateur Radio,  Ham Radio Learning Activities, the students here assigned themselves imaginary call signs so they may relate the terms to their own locations- great ideas here. 
  • Kids Day- twice a year the League sponsors a "Kids Day" event to encourage young people (licensed or not) to have fun with Amateur Radio. It is designed to give on-the-air experience to youngsters and hopefully foster interest in getting a license of their own. It is also intended to give older hams a chance to share their station and love for Amateur Radio with their children.
  • Scouting- Boy Scouts have a Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) on the third weekend of October each year. Larry Wolfgang WR1B discusses JOTA and youth involvement in the video below.


Teacher Resources

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