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**NEW** Real-Time Disaster Map:

A real time map of all natural disasters around the world.


See the Regional Wx banner click on at top, then down to the Florida Wx page

Weather Channel- has google earth feature on the map, so you can zoom in to your neighborhood and still get either radar or satellite overlays

Weather Underground.  Good regional and local radar maps, local one can be “animated”

WPBF site,  click on “Weather” block at top banner,  then on lower right there is a “Weather Radar Loop” click on.  This is largest scale map we have seen and it takes a while to load.

This is the NWS satellite loop for Martin County area.

This is the Melbourne NWS site for Skywarn spotters.  Has predictions and radar site “loop”

This is Intellicast radar site, a favorite overall radar site.  You may type in your zip code in the box on the upper right to get a forecast.  The banner at the top also gives you other options for Nexrad radar, satellite, and storm center.

This is the National Weather Service text page.

This is CNN’s site,  it has a very good Satellite map for southeast USA.  See it below the forecast, lower left box of the 4 map boxes.


Hurricane or

This is Terrapin’s Hurricane site, a very good one.  It is well laid out and shows clickables for any active storms and also below that section shows clickables for satellite maps of Atlantic, Gulf, Caribbean, etc.  They have a subscribed service for animated loops (not available to us free-loaders), but certain times of the day (before 8 and after 6pm), the “animated loop” is available.

From Wayne KF4VRF, of Ft. Pierce Treasure Coast Weather Network (TCWN):

Visit the website.

The site Ron likes to use is 


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