Digital Mode Resources

Our thanks to Joe Burnham for this presentation at our July 2012 MCARA Meeting.

The links below are mostly for HF Digital modes. If you have suggestions for additional content or any changes, please let us know. Got questions or need help? Members may post a question or ask for help on the Members Only Forums

Digital Interfaces makes the Rigblaster 


Digipan 2.0

Digipan How-to

Other Digital Modes


Soundcard Calibration info and needed file can be found here:

NBEMS info for using FLDigi from ARRL; these pdfs detail using FLDigi to pass written traffic, especially on VHF/UHF:

Digital Mode audio and visual examples


Timing is critical to JT65- Dimension 4 is an easy way to synchronize your PC clock to an Internet NTP Server:

JT65-HF software download

JT-65 article from CQ Magazine by Tomas Hood

JT-65 Info page at hflink

JT-65 eHam article

More JT-65 articles from CQ Magazine

dB Calculator

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