2021 Skywarn Reconition Day runs for 24 hrs

03 Dec 2021 19:00 | Raymond Jaworski
Hello NWS Melbourne SKYWARN Spotters,

We would like to announce that SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) 2021 will be held virtually this year on December 4th. This event is completely voluntary, but all are encouraged to participate.

What is SKYWARN Recognition Day?

SRD was developed in 1999 as a way to thank HAM radio operators, who have traditionally encompassed a large percentage of SKYWARN spotters, for all of their help in reporting hazardous weather conditions to the NWS. For 20 years, HAM radio operators would gather at NWS offices around the country and try to make as many contacts as possible around the world during a 24 hour period by exchanging weather information. From 1999 to 2018, NWS Melbourne made the most contacts out of all participating offices seven times, most recently in 2014. In 2020, due to COVID restrictions, the event expanded greatly to include a social media campaign in which we shared SKYWARN information, trivia questions, and asked spotters to check-in by sending us a weather report and their spotter ID.

How Can You Participate?

Like in 2020, 2021 will include a day of social media posts, with activities planned for 8am-4pm on December 4th via our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. 

However, this year, we ask that those who would like to participate check-in with their spotter ID here at any time between 7pm December 3rd and 7pm December 4th, 2021. After checking in, a point will be added for your zip code location to a national map featuring SKYWARN spotters from across the U.S., which can be accessed hereNo personal information will be shared publicly at any point. We would like to have as many of our spotters participate as possible, but, again, this event is voluntary.

Who Can Participate?
All trained NWS SKYWARN spotters (ham radio operators or not)! All SKYWARN™ spotters provide critical weather information before, during and after adverse weather strikes. This includes reports of wind damage, tornadoes, flooding and wall clouds. This is our 24 hours to recognize all of the SKYWARN™ spotters serving our nation! 

Whether you choose to participate in SRD 2021 or not, we would like to thank all of you for time and assistance during hazardous weather all year long. It is a great help to us. 

Thank you,

NWS Melbourne

Local Contact is Ray Jaworski, KI4RHL Skywarn Coordinator Martin County, FLA

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