MCARA Stuart, FL 2 Meter FM Repeater

Martin Memorial North Hospital K4ZK repeater
The Stuart repeater uses the call sign K4ZK and is located atop Martin Memorial North Hospital, at an elevation of about 100' above sea-level.  The Stuart repeater operates on 147.060 MHz with a +600 KHz offset, and a 107.2 Hz tone.

We hold a weekly "ragchew and traders" net every Monday night at 08:00 PM local time.  This net is held on the 145.150 MHz ARES/RACES repeater on most Mondays, but is held on the MCARA repeater on the last Monday of the month.

All hams are encouraged to check into the net!

Coverage of K4ZK with Hy-Gain GPG-2B Ground Plane 1.0dBd Omni

 Other repeaters in the Martin County area are listed in the tables below:

 Martin County Area 2 Meter Band Repeaters
 Frequency  Offset  Tone  Callsign   Operator  Location  Notes
 147.060 MHz  +600 KHz  107.2 Hz   K4ZK  MCARA  Martin Memorial North

 Analog FM

 145.150 MHz  -600 KHz  107.2 Hz  WX4MC  ARES/RACES  Martin County EOC Bunker  Analog FM
 145.440 MHz  -600 KHz  Module C   KB4DD  ARES/RACES  Martin County EOC Bunker

 D-Star Only

 146.625 MHz  -600 KHz  110.9 Hz  W4JUP  JTRG  Hobe Sound
 Analog FM
 147.195 MHz  +600 KHz  100.0 Hz   K4OKE  OARC  Okeechobee City  Analog FM
 147.345 MHz  +600 KHz  107.2 Hz  W4AKH  FPARC  Fort Pierce  Analog FM


 Martin County Area 70 cm Meter Band Repeaters
 Frequency  Offset  Tone  Callsign   Operator  Location  Notes
 444.900 MHz  +5 MHz  107.2 Hz  WX4MC  ARES/RACES  Martin County EOC Bunker  DMR*
 444.225 MHz  +5 MHz  110.9 Hz  W4JUP
 JTRG  Palm Beach Gardens
 Analog FM
 444.150 MHz  +5 MHz  107.2 Hz  KA3COZ  SARNETFL.COM   Stuart  Analog FM
 443.900 MHz  +5 MHz  107.2 Hz  N4PSK  N4PSK  Hobe Sound  Analog FM

*WX4MC DMR Repeater Details

Color Code is "7"

Time Slot 1 (Local)

TalkGroup: 772 - "Martin County Local"

Time Slot 2 (Web Linked)

TalkGroup: 93 "North America"

TalkGroup: 310 "TAC 310"

TalkGroup: 311 "TAC 311"

TalkGroup: 312 "TAC 312"

TalkGroup: 561 "Palm Beach"

TalkGroup: 31123 "Treasure Coast"

TalkGroup: 3112 "Florida"

TalkGroup: 3199 "Hurricane Observation Network" (Similar to SARNET)

If you know of any other open repeaters you feel we should list- please contact us

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