CQCQ MCARA President Position is OPEN. Important- Please read!

12 Apr 2023 20:22 | Raymond Jaworski

MCARA's President Position is still OPEN. Important- Please read again!

April 12, 2023 *

Hello members of the Martin County Amateur Radio Association,

Your Nomination Committee is still looking for someone who would be interested in being nominated to run as President of MCARA for the next 10 months or until the next February meeting. This is a great opportunity for YOU!  As President, your involvement will be a rewarding experience.

IMPORTANT: Please contact ASAP any member of the Nomination Committee below if you are even a little bit interested in the President’s role. We hope to have the nominations in order before the April 27, 2023 meeting so we can move forward.

To assist the next President, possibly YOU, and to balance the workload amongst the members, various committees such as Nomination, Program and Repeater will be established again.  Special events such as Field Day and Hamfest etc. will have leaders as well.

Background information- By now, I am sure that you know that Dave Morris K4AW (President) and Stephen Sprayberry (Spray) W4SPR (Treasurer) have decided to give someone else an opportunity to serve on the MCARA Board effective February 2023.  Thank you Dave and Spray for your continued hard work, skills, friendship, and dedication towards our highly respected and “almost 50 year old” amateur radio organization and for your focus on our youth programs.

At the Annual meeting held on February 23, 2023, we were able to fill the elected position of Treasurer, with Doug Shields W4DAS stepping up to the plate, along with the other positions per MCARA’s By-Laws. The MCARA website will be updated once we have an elected president.

Respectfully submitted by your 2023 Nomination Committee,

Ray Jaworski KI4RHL 772-485-9677 autopilot9999@yahoo.com

Doug Shields W4DAS 772-349-7820 w4das@comcast.net

Joe Sawyer KI4OXP 772-485-4629 swyrjos@gmail.com


  • 07 May 2023 22:04 | Raymond Jaworski
    Happy to announce that the open President position has been filled.
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